"Beaver Dams"

Beaver dams are a constant problem in many of the major and minor channels. Many people are surprised to hear that we have a beaver problem because beavers simply did not exist in Southwest Louisiana 20 years ago. A drastic reduction of the number of trappers who harvested fur bearing animals, has resulted in a come-back in the beaver population. The indication that a beaver dam may be blocking drainage is when the water level in a channel remains higher than normal for days and even weeks after a rain event. When a dam is located and becomes a threat to drainage, the District will attempt to remove the dam. Once a dam is removed or opened, the beavers are quick to attempt to rebuild the dam.


"A More Attractive Drain Ditch"

Often, a more attractive channel can be constructed. A shallow and gently sloped channel called a Swale can be constructed instead of a standard narrow ditch. Swales do take more room and more time to construct, but generally are much more pleasing to the eye, easier to maintain, carry more water, are much less susceptible to erosion, and less apt be become clogged by debris. If given enough room to construct, a swale may appear more like a contour of the land than a drain ditch. For these reasons, swales are indeed a drainage improvement.


"Lateral cleaned by removing brush while leaving stumps to prevent erosion"


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